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Thanks for attending our 2015 event
on Sunday, September 13!

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The Global Village Festival of Greater Akron is a celebration of international and ethnic diversity in our community. This event will highlight the dynamics of the cultural diversity in our modern urban environment, and is designed to enable distinctive cultural expressions – including performances, exhibitions, international cuisine, and much more.

Summit County’s international and ethnic diversity is an extremely important community asset that can enrich and enlarge our collective world view. The Global Village Festival is an international culture festival that will help foster a greater awareness and appreciation for the diversity that exists in Summit County.

The celebration will include:

• Live performances
• Interactive and educational international exhibits
• Vendors of ethnic food and merchandise
• Fair trade vendors and farmers market
• Activities for children and adults

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To reach the Global Village Festival of Greater Akron Festival Committee
please email:
gvfestivalcommitteecoordinator@gmail.com or call 775-386-AGVF (2483)

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